To tell the truth, I did'nt expect anyone would access to my site from outland.
So I haven't renewed English pages for a long time. Sorry.
But recently I got mails from US, UK, Canada and German in a low.
Thank you so much. How did you find this site?

Anyway, I add a news and 2 links,
that lead you to free download paper models I designed.


Added several works to "WORKS".
How do you imagine "DOOMED FISH" move?

"VOICE(bbs)" has opened.
Let me know how you like/dislike my works.


Uploaded first English version. Sorry about my broken English.
If you find something wrong or ununderstandable, please inform me,
though I don't promise I'll correct them.

Brief report on our two-man exhibition on June at Minami-Aoyama, Tokyo.
Photographs and Japanese text. Click icon.

My business partner Hiro's website.
A variety of pictures he took in Asia and Europe.
Only Japanese text, but you don't need any words to enjoy these alive scenes.

10th, June

First uploaded