17th. May. 2017

Just released "The Stone of Sisyphus"
Seven printable paper automata kits are now on sale.

1st. Sep. 2016

I just started Facebook.
I will mainly report the updating information of my website
and sometimes production note, both in English and Japanese as much as I can.
Check my my recent activities here.

16th. Apr. 2017

I will transfer English kits to Etsy step by step.
But some of my past works and free models remain here.

To visitors from overseas

Sorry that English pages are not managed well.
If you are interested in my recent works, please visit Japenese pages.

New book from St. Martin's Griffin(English) Here

Some of my works are published/distributed in US and EU.

Please visit

(8 automata+2 books+4 goblins/Japanese version+English instructions/Swiss)

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